Independent Existence or Human Touch – What would you choose and why?

When someone said that nothing good comes out of anything post midnight, should have listened to them. This is the kind of stuff you get after a past 12 am conversation with friends…

We talk about being independent and the associated high of taking your own decisions, staying away from your family, being on your own as that is the ultimate goal in our lives. To never be dependent on anyone so that you are always prepared for the worst. But Why?

What is so bad about trusting anyone and being dependent on them?

Has this term ‘Independent’ lost its true meaning somewhere on the way? What kind of independence do you seek? Financial, Emotional or Physical

And what are you willing to sacrifice for it?

Once in a while you will realize that your body and mind are demanding the simplest of thing possible for us living in a world where we are surrounded by so many people – a human touch. Or let’s make it simple – You need a hug! A warm, fuzzy, comforting, long, engulfing, selfless, cuddly hug!

How difficult can that be you ask?

You have been staying away from home for so long that you yearn for your own mother’s hug. You have forgotten how it feels like. Since you don’t trust anyone too quickly, it takes too long to get touchy with anyone in general. You never feel comfortable asking for a hug from someone either. The ones you are actually close too might just be living in another town or too busy to meet up at that very moment when you need it the most.

Why is it suddenly so important for us to have our own space? All of us have read the classic statement – ‘Humans are social animals’

Aren’t we supposed to live together?

Are our own egos getting bigger than us?

We boast about the number of friends we have – both online and in whatever is left of our personal lives, but still can’t hug anyone whenever we feel like or hold a hand.


So what do we choose and why?

2 thoughts on “Independent Existence or Human Touch – What would you choose and why?

  1. I totally agree…i meet my sister once in a year..if I am lucky..she lives in USA..but miss her every single day..but I have learnt to be without her..which sucks and which so not is independent

    The blog looks great..way to go gurl!!!


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