Factually Emotional

I like to think, talk and ,at times like these, write in oxymorons or as it gets called out in the dictionary : a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true). Even the definition of this word has a sarcastic undertone in it, ‘apparently’ so. Anywhoo, and since I like to know the ‘why’ behind things, I have given this thought a thought too (bane of a mind which doesn’t seem to sIMG_2986.jpgtop regurgitating).

It might be because most of the things are full of contradictions as I see them. Take for instance the saying ‘faithfully yours’, how can you be faithful if you belong to someone else? Aren’t you being unfaithful to yourself by not being with your own self? Faaaaine! Layman lingo to be used, I get it. 

So I have been writing a lot for work and it has to be as factual as possible without using any adjectives because adjectives bring in opinions and opinions are emotional. Question: Now how many contradictions can you find in this situation. Answer: Ohhh! Where do I start! *evil grin* *cracking knuckles* First of all, facts can’t be as much as possible. Facts either are facts orare not until proven otherwise. Stop romanticising facts with a bouquet of fresh hypotheses everyday, it’s cloying. Secondly, we humans are expected to write without emotions, duh, such a kyote naive expectation *kissie to you for that thought* IMHO (In my humble opinion, recently learnt short form to something that has to come across politely sarcastic, there you go one more Foxy Oxy for you), this is a long term path to dehumanising humans. Third, you are supposed to build others’ affirmative opinions for your opinion being written and presented by you to an opinionated group of people but yet, wait for it, without including any opinion in this piece of work. Say whhhaaaaaaaa! o_O #TrueStory *regurgitation commence*. Fourth, if opinions are emotional i.e. instinctive or intuitive, then why ask for it et all? How can you have a point of view towards facts #Facepalm. Be a man, do the right thing! Let robots take over (woopes, forgot about that bit, that already is what we are striving for).

Now you see, I stated a few facts with hell loads of emotions. Because this is AN opinion, there can be more from so many more perspectives. 

Ohh the bigger reason for this sense of seeking contradictions is that it gives a certain sadistic pleasure to contradict anything and everything including what I say and might want to believe in, just to find out what others’ opinions might be and then agreeing with them when they least expect it or not give a single ummmm… you know what.

But the biggest one being, because contradictions exist and once you start seeing these and accepting the beauty of everyday complications, bliss 🙂 #SabMohMayaHai #KabhiHaanKabhiNa 

This is a true story. The events depicted in this story took place in Bandra in 2018. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred

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