Comfort Food : 5 Kick-Ass Pan-Asian Restaurants in Bangalore

Imagine those days when you just don’t want to put your mind to work. No way do you wish to think about what to eat. You need, want, deserve food but of course without taking too much of stress. This state is called – seeking comfort through food. It’s a topic for another day that this state comes wayyyy too often in my life. Anyhow! There are just 2 comfort food options for me on any given day – 1. Biryani 2. Pan-Asian cuisine

Oooh I am @the__giggler ! I am so hoity toity! Calling it pan-asian cuisine and all ‘eh. There was a time when I used to call it plain simple Chinese food. Anything remotely pan-asian was Chinese for me. Yup! Me. Here. I. yes yes, Faaine! judge the stereotypical me. o_O But now I know and I want you to know too.

Here are my top 5 PAN-ASIAN restaurant picks in Bangalore, trusted blindly. There is a surprise hidden gem at the end. My +1  for you B-)

1. The Fatty Bao, Indiranagar

Since the time this place came to Indiranagar, I have taken almost everyone along with me here and shamelessly ordered the same food over and over again! And whatte ambience this place has, so Bangalore ❤

Open terrace with subtle light, low music, enough space, #AwesomeSauce food and friendly bartenders. You might not even want to move away from the bar stools.


Our food order at The Fatty Bao needs no menu! Mutton Bao, pork belly, fried calamari and pork ramen soup makes us go bum-chica-bao-wow!


Little piglets on my plate! Baozi – pork filled bao , part of the special menu at Fatty Bao for Chinese New Year must be the cutest looking thing I have ever eaten.


Guess my girls night-outs always turn out to be classier  at Fatty Bao 😜


You shiny crispy soft fatty yummy slightly sweet meaty glazing tempting piece of Pork Belly! You make my head spin right round o_O


These garlic and prawns momos with just so thin outer layer are so good with the 3 sauces at Fatty Bao! 😳 one more place for THE momos added to THE list 👍🏻



2. Singkong, UB City

Friday lunches made better. One of those rare places where Veg dishes and desserts compete with pork for my appetite…


Need to stop eating out with these vegetarian friends of mine… They are polluting my palette with good veg food that too paneer based o_O yes I liked this Pandan leaf wrapped spiced cottage cheese starter @singkong_restaurant so much that we ordered for one more (don’t disown me pliss)


Ohh you dear round dumplings… If only I could taste you in every form and stuffing… One day! 😎


Non veg dumplings basket 😁 a little bit of this and a little bit of that made me a bit more fat 🤘🏼 Fish, chicken and shrimp dumplings basket


Apni oriental chuski! Crispy layer covering shrimps on a sugarcane stick dipped in yummy sweet and sour sauce- Oriental shrimp nest at @singkong_blr , UB City 🤓

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 3.41.21 PM

Curry laksa with chicken and prawns … this creamy coconut milk based soup with boiled eggs, prawns, noodles and shredded chicken is so good that you would want to start and end your meal with it…


You there! Yes you tiny piece of lemon cream! Come back and don’t ruin my look! Look at me when I am talking to you! Damn now everyone will want to taste you first 😦 😛 said no cake ever… Tres leches , home made style soaked cake is so light and creamy yummy with that perfectly sweet liquid to soak it in that I lost my mind for a while there 😀


First time I tried Banoffee Pie =D I like it… Bananaaa!


3. Nasi And Mee Asian Canteen, Koramangala (Malaysian)

This place got launched in Bangalore and suddenly everyone around me was talking about it left- right and centre! Like why?! Why haven’t I eaten at that place? Why didn’t you guys call me?! You don’t like me! Faaine! Go!

After all this and much more cribbing to my friends, they took me there 😀 and we gave out our appreciation to this place in resounding burps 😛

Did you know Nasi means Rice and Mee stands for noodles in Malay?



Dumpling! Momo! You sound as cute and soft as you taste 😁 especially when you have that light thin covering… Even veg dumplings seem to be good. One more favourite Pan Asian restaurant is here 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 @nasiandmee 


Ordering this stir fried fish in honey chilli mustard sauce turned out to be the best decision by us hungry bunch! Ohh the mustard 😍 along with the staple pad Thai noodles @nasiandmee Nasi And Mee, Koramangala, Bangalore 


This place is talk of the pan Asian cuisine town right now and sure as hell it deserves the word! Massaman curry (Thai Muslim style curry with potato and chicken in a mildly spicy coconut sauce) , Thai red curry (veg) and sambal fried rice (Southeast Asian )…


4. Hae Kum Gang, Castle Street, Ashok Nagar (Korean)

Hungry and craving for some warm Asian food after watching a spine chilling movie like Everest we struck gold at this awesome sauce Korean place – Hae Kum Gang. Just above Plan B, this quaint little place is tucked away from the crowds.

The owners are such heart melting humble fellows who opened their kitchen seeing our hungry puppy faces. I can so get used to this!


Just the 5 side dishes are so cool along with the slightly spicy veg and non veg Chulpan and sticky rice. And of course the largest pan on the table of Mushroom Jeongoi ( glass noodles, amazing mushrooms and other veggies in a non spicy broth). Kid you not, they didn’t stop there. Watermelon pieces dipped in just about right sweet and tangy syrup to make us feel fresh after this royal feast.


5. Taste of Tibet, Dubai Plaza, Brigade Road (Tibetan)

They remind me of the North campus area in Delhi 🙂 Simple, yummy tibetan pork, chicken, lamb dishes with red chilli chutney always accompanied by coke *bliss*

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 4.05.09 PM

Chicken momos, chicken Shaptra and tingmo (steamed bun) with that red hot chilli sauce at this small joint on #BrigadeRoad reminded me of the good old DU days and that short sweet trip to Ladakh where my dear friend’s late father had cooked the same tingmo for us on a cold winter night 🙂


Now comes the special +1 for y’all B-) Wait for it….


+1 . LanThai Restaurant , 5th avenue mall, Brigade Road 

You might need some serious google maps help to spot this place and then believe your eyes that this is the exact location.

But go ahead and just order the full fish with eyes intact 😛 or the sea food soup with quite literally the sea-food in a soup bowl :O


One of the worst pics of mine but those tentacles deserved to be shown! P.S. This is quite an old pic 😐 @the__giggler

Tell me more about such Pan-Asian cuisine places for the next comfort seeking day around the corner … Ciao!


Always Hungry….

The Giggler


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