Mumbai – The only thing I am sure of …


I am unsure about a lot of things or atleast I don’t want to say a lot of things out loud to my own self. Sometimes it comes across as a commitment phobia too, no no I am not talking about the classic definition of relationships. I am talking about things like being scared of planning a holiday 1 month in advance or committing to meeting someone in a week’s time or even buying stuff for my house so that it starts feeling like my house. But one thing which I have been quite sure of for the longest time I can remember is that – I Love Bombay!

I keep on traveling to Bombay around once or twice in a month and it has started to appear like a clandestine affair with my beloved. The separation was getting unbearable and of course I needed a break to do things on my own or not do anything but still on my own. So this year when the time came to plan my 10 days holiday, one thing which I was quite sure of…

Ofcourse I walked and watched this city breathe for 10 days 🙂

Chor Bazaar, Off Mohammed Ali Road – The Island of Misfit Toys

This crowded little place made of 4-5 lanes of jam-paacked curio stores had me gaping for 3 hours and I couldn’t get enough of it!

You get everything here. Read EVERYTHING! From somebody’s 32 teeth neatly lined up in a showcase to a pendant made out of a baby deer’s foot, a family portrait dated back to 1960s to a classic piano stacked up in a dusty corner. That’s the beauty of this island of misfit toys.


Fork You! Chor Bazaar became my disneyland and with this I began my exploration of Mumbai 😀



Silence. Lights. Camera. Action. Found all this and more at Chor Bazaar.


In a shop filled with a trillion random things, found a plane touching a miniature of the Twin Towers and an astronaut clicking its picture :O talk about creepy coincidences! P.S. The owner had no idea about it either


Island of misfits – When random imperfections come together to create a world of wonder and enchantment


Har cheez bikti hai yahan, bas koi khareedne wala hona chahiye…


Yeah yeah… how could I be hungry all this while? This matar kind of thing gave me salty company 🙂 Still don’t know what is it called but guess I prefer this over peanuts anytime.



All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…Play my music, let’s rock the boat. Main shayar toh nahi but Chor Bazaar did this to me!!!


This marked as the end of our walk and gladly so! Afghan Naan – That whiff of freshly baked bread in the old crowded lanes of chop bazaar mesmerised me over and I dream-walked to this shop to find a piece of gold. Afghan Naan baked to perfection.. And bang opposite this shop we found spicy mutton nihari curry to have our first meal of the day. Love is unpredictable! ❤



Afghan Church, Sassoon Dock

At the edge of the city is Sassoon Dock. Just after the hustle bustle of South Bombay you witness peace.


This is not your usual sun-kissed misty winter morning at a hill station. This my friend, is Mumbai at 4pm 🙂 Afghan Church backyard, Navy Nagar at the far end tip of Mumbai was a hauntingly serene spectacle.

Church of the Holy Name/ Holy Name Cathedral, South Bombay

I was lucky to be visiting during christmas time…


Holy story depicted on the colourful glass ceiling of the Holy Name Cathedral, South Bombay. There is much more to Bombay than just late nights on the glittering buzzy roads.


Prince of Wales Museum – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Kala Ghoda

How I wished to be awed by this place. How I wished to learn more from this place. But all I saw was beauty with no explanation just sign boards telling me that these are properties of so and so and kept here just for display 😦

How will people know about the importance of the immaculate Indian architecture or its history when there is no effort to pass on the baton through simple tales?


Pains me to see such a beautiful thing at the Prince of Wales museum kept in a corner without an explanation or a story or audio guide reference. Divine light of Buddha at the centre of a mandap and its flower ceiling half seen in the mirror.


None of my trips are complete without eating at places which I have never tried before and here is an ode to the amazing variety of food in Mumbai *drrroool*




Japanese or Korean food hasn’t disappointed me till now and so it continues… Kofuku, Bandra, Mumbai had a menu that got us shamelessly greedy! Would need to go there once more to try out rest of the goodies. Japanese sautéed ginger pork, sticky rice, kofuku prawns curry, Korean style kimchi pork fried rice, shrimps dumplings and burrrpppp on the table 😀



Mumbai weather had become purrfect for an outside brunch and dayum was I lucky to be there at the right time B-) Pan seared basa with garlic risotto at Cafe Infinito, BKC. You can never go wrong with grilled or pan seared fish. 



Khwabon mein dekha tha tumhein, socha na tha miloge kabhiii… Surmai Fish and chicken curry thaliii! #AwesomeSauce lunch at Goa Bhavan Canteen, Andheri. Unlimited thali and that extra bit of happiness all for Rs. 100-120 per plate 😀 😀 😀



Pour as much as you want and dip in as much as you want – Cheese! 145 Lounge, Kala Ghoda on New Year’s eve 🙂



Ohh now that I am talking about New Year’s eve, that marks the end of my trip too…


Lights in a lane at Eddie’s Bistro, Bandra… This was one of the best new year night out to places with least amount of crowd, no loud music, no fighting our way to the bar for that one last drink, getting places to sit in comfort, chat and laugh and such beautiful ambience…







Dear Mumbai

I am in Love…

Yours Truly

P.S. I am not done with Bombay yet so if you know about other such hidden gems of the city, please do let me know. Gracias!

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