A long walk to remember – Amboise, France

“Some Walks You Have To Take Alone”

Read this somewhere and I believe my more than 10 kms walk in the small french town of Amboise was meant to be such.

After spending 4 priceless days of solo-travel in the city of Paris (Read here : Paris – My first solo trip and how I fell in love with walking, alone in the city of love), I took the morning train from Gare de l’Est to Austerlitz, Paris and started on my 2 hours train journey to a small town by the banks of river Loire which was once home of the Royal French Court.

You will realise soon why I treaasure this walk so much, I still believe in fairytales…

It was drizzling slightly or was just the early morning dew that I remember. Reaching the almost deserted station at 9am didn’t seem to be a good idea that time but I took out my pre-downloaded offline map and started walking towards the 2kms away Tourist centre for tickets to the Palace & some much needed directions. That is when the sun came out 🙂



Walk on the almost empty roads of Amboise, France on a lucky sunny day.

Bought my ticket to  Château d’Amboise , a royal residence of France and walked along the unopened doors of beautiful little houses and the vacant space of the tiny town market place. One of things which works best if you are going to such places alone is your audio tour-guide cum companion who knows so much! Doesn’t mind getting interrupted and shut off from time to time as per your mood. Doesn’t even get irritated while you put him to task by repeating the same information over and over again. 😉  If only you were real… sigh…

So yeah, I took my audio guide and entered the dream come true palace/ Chateau of Amboise where the Prince had invited Leonardo Da Vinci and from then on Leonardo started staying just 500ms away from the palace at Clos Lucé, manor house.


Château d’Amboise – In search of my prince 😛


When the knight in shining armour comes at your doorsteps (P.S. – I am not as delusional as I might sound)


Resting quietly away from the world, he gave so much to – Leonardo Da Vinci’s Tomb at Chateau d’ Amboise

(Read about my shared obsession with France here : Is France Obsessed With Graves?)


Time when it was almost too much for me to take in so much of tranquility and beauty at once.. this is when I realised that I was missing out on something valuable. Traveling solo.

After building way too many dreams in my head I walked down the road which led me to Leonardo Da Vinci’s manor – Clos Lucé, which is apparently connected to the Chateau by an underground passage.


This genius had invented the first auto-rotable tank, automatic multi-fire guns, motorbike, helicopter and what not and had a kick-ass kitchen to top it all 😀



Studying about anatomy of a horse was never so hauntingly intriguing – Da Vinci’a garden


Somewhere in Da Vinci’s garden, exists that small bridge that you always wanted to see 🙂 Can so imagine myself dressed in a flowy dress with white tiny flowers in soft wavy hair and running across the bridge… thank goodness you don’t know my address to send hate mails or a sniper 😛

All this and a bunch of kids enjoying their mid-picnic meal made me extremely hungry so on my way back to the station I stopped at a lovely little cafe which had bacon omelette on their menu 😀 And that my friends made the day trip come to a PERFECT end.


Oui! Meal for one please 🙂 Garnie – Omelette with tomatoes, diced bacon, mushrooms and onions with hot chocolate at Anne de Bretagne restaurant at Amboise, a small village where Da Vinci lived …

My suggestion to you, travel to places which the locals suggest, travel to places which are not known just for one of the Wonders of the World.

Find your own wonderful world…



The Giggler

Thanks once again Emilien, Bhooshan & Niyanta 🙂

All the pictures were taken by me so don’t use them without giving credit. Pliss 😛



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