Why is it easier to talk to a stranger?

Why is it easier to talk to strangers?Since childhood you’ve been told not to talk to strangers, but as you grow old, why is it so that a lot of times you find it easier to have a deep conversation with a stranger? Things that you tell just yourself may be.

Why do people find it comforting to get out of their comfort zone and feel free to have a friendly chat with someone who you can’t call a friend… yet?

More and more people find it difficult to tell their loved ones what actually goes inside their head. There is a shell that has been created, a safe haven which we find difficult to leave, open to the people it would be easiest with, the ones near you. Is it because of a black hole being created at the centre of the being which you wouldn’t want the precious ones to get sucked up in? But this Black Hole needs to be constantly fed with random or new conversations and connections, otherwise it will suck you up and then you will cease to exist. Or people won’t be able to notice your presence because you will exist inside that hole which can’t give or take anything.

It is almost like we are giving a performance to someone who didn’t know you till now and chances are they might never come to know you. You blurt out all your thoughts to them and become that interesting character who the other person is listening to so intently. But we are afraid to say the same things to someone who might actually have peeled down those layers much before and sees you as you.

We want to be stronger than everyone else or atleast appear to be so. Someone who can’t be broken down by anything or anyone, physically, mentally, emotionally. And it is fun adn simple to do with people who don’t know you much.

But … who has the power to influence you the most? – The ones you care for or vice versa. And who is the easiest for us to push away? – The ones close to you. Because somewhere you know that this is momentary, they won’t leave you, you can ignore them but there will still be that chance of them coming back. So it’s a win-win for you.

This journey not just takes you away from them, somewhere you drift away from yourself too. At times, these people define you & who you are. This time when you are drifting away, finding comfort in strangers, making friends on social media or networking your way to forming those infinite short-lived connections, you seem to be much more stronger & focussed to yourself. But will you survive in the long run? After all, wasn’t all this for the age old mantra – ‘Survival of the fittest’

Won’t you want this feeling of strength to last longer? Start with the courage to talk your heart out… Walk on your road of yellow bricks.


The Giggler


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