Pattaya, Thailand – It’s their life

This is how our hotel in Pattaya welcomed us. Minibar with huge potential 😉 all you need to survive. Priority set hai for heart and body, mind and soul. Ok take the heart out of this equation but this set the context right for us. Just live.

THE mini-bar

THE mini-bar

In Pattaya you will find these odd looking couples. Calling them odd might be a bit judgemental but they seem different than the regular or standard definition of a pair. Since your eyes and mind wireframe is not attuned to it, hence calling them odd.Should we call them a couple? Do they even want to be called so? Are questions to be thought about as well. Old/ young, Indian/ American/ European/ South East Asian, good/ bad/ ugly looking men with Thai women.

Walking Street, Pattaya

Walking Street, Pattaya

They are happy… They cuddle, talk, dance, kiss, walk. .. They SPEND time together and not just the night because night is always young here.This song ‘it’s my life..’ playing in the background seemed apt then.

Will you or I do this? May be…May be we have done this…May be not…May be not now…May be never. Who knows?

Walking Street, Thailand, Travel, because it is much needed to just be …

And yeahh found Stones, Pub here too but nothing as compared to the one in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

P.S. No harm meant 🙂 
The Giggler

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