Ramzan Food Walk Mubarak Ho!

Last time we took a food walk in Koramangala (Bangalore) and this time Mosque Road (Frazer Town) baby! I am becoming a fan of these food trails with each passing day. Thank goodness for those greedy, always hungry, cannibal friends that I have 😀

So let’s roll with this one because you guys still have sometime to catch up on us and not miss out on all the meat you could ever imagine on just 1km stretch of a road (Must. Stop. Salivating. Again!)

Charminar Kabab Paradise

Man Vs Food! First stop of the Ramzan Feast at mosque road was at Charminar for some good old deep fried, minced meat stuffed, egg coated Mughlai Parantha. But looking at the well laid table, we couldn’t stop ourselves from hogging on to some Pepper Chicken, Kalmi Kabab and the unexpectedly good Kadi Gosh (the big piece in the pic on top right).

Charminar restaurant for Pepper chicken, Mughlai parantha, chicken kadi gosh and kalmi kebab

Charminar restaurant for Pepper chicken, Mughlai parantha, chicken kadi gosh and kalmi kebab

Richhies Rahamm’s International

Here comes my highlight of the day, Lamb Chops at Richhies.

I don’t give a damn about the picture angle or quality on this one! Watering mouth had to be satiated then and there. High point of the walk was this plate of juicy lamb chops with slightly crispy skin.

Lamb Chops at Rahamm's

Lamb Chops at Rahamm’s

Didn’t expect this one but it happened

So we tried some Camel meat kababs as well. Not too proud of it now that I have read a few things but yeah it happened.

Ramzan Food Walk

Chichaba’s Taj Restaurant

Could have not finished it without some Mutton Biryani and what better way to have it than with Nalli Nihari. Sit back, relax and have it at peace 🙂 or in pieces..

Mutton Biryani & Nalli Nihari at Chichaba's Taj

Mutton Biryani & Nalli Nihari at Chichaba’s Taj

Our trip was cut short because of rains but you better not end it without kulfi and then suleimani chai at Taj Tea house. Our sweet paan was good too.

Take a note of these lucky 7 pointers before you start your batmobile engines and tune in the GPS to Mosque Road
1. Reach the place before 7pm to avoid the mad rush.
2. There is some neat lane space for comfortable parking just before Rahamm’s (on your left)
3. Patthar gosh can be made best out of beef only as mutton & chicken have much smaller bones for good stone cooking and cutting. So if anyone is offering you chicken or mutton pathhar gosh, think twice, you might just be getting Chicken 65 heated up on a big stone slab
4. Have a look at the counter behind the cooking slab/ table to judge the hygiene of the place
5. Rahamm’s a bit away from the main food stalls so do not miss out on the lamb chops by avoiding it
6. Check the weather for the day. We had to cut it slightly short for the rain.
7. Lastly but most importantly, take a group of foodie friends with you because you wouldn’t want to finish off the whole plate and feel full on the first stall itself! It will make me really sad 😥
Thank you once again Auni, KungFu, Tom & Compliance. Wouldn’t have been possible for me to try out each and everything without your insatiable greed and gluttony. B-)

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