Will the real ‘Devdas’ please stand up! Are you Devdas – The Character?

You will never call anyone ‘Devdas Mukherjee’ but wouldn’t think twice before calling someone ‘Devdas’ because Devdas Mukherjee is a mere name whereas ‘Devdas’ is a character which comes with its own personality traits.

No one lives (might die) as Devdas, people behave as Devdas (at times). So what makes you earn the title and what does not?

Are you Devdas?

         You are moody and have no qualms in agreeing to the fact. Yes it is a fact and not just an assumption.


Having a bad mood ALWAYS is not quintessential to being moody or being a bad person. It is more about feeling strongly about something/someone or an emotion and being expressive about it.

It ranges from – If you are in a good mood then everyone around you will get to know about it coz of that that huge-ass grin pasted on your face and the swing in your steps which can be contagious. You will be announcing it to the world

To – If you are in a bad mood then you can be rude as an ass, again with no guilty pangs whatsoever.

You like to have a drink.

Your list of favorite music will –

  • Feature a bar …
  • Be about a bar
  • Go really well with your glass and a cigarette at a bar
  • You want to drink when you are happy/ sad/ have nothing else to do/ can’t sleep/ don’t want to sleep/ are told not to drink/ asked to have one etc. etc.


  • You drink when Chandramukhi is dancing in front of you figuratively or literally. You drink for Paro. At times for both Paro & Chandramukhi. Ohh and Chandramukhi or Paro are again characters which like Devdas are not gender specific! But some other time…

chandramukhi   shit shit shit

  • Drinking might not mean being at a party. But it might range….



Chunni Baabu


Either you already have a friend like Chunni babu or you made one of your friends turn into Chunni!

There are times when people figure that you are the way you are coz of a reason but they dare not ask you. They will never get an answer from you. But this Chunni character is the one who will have to bear you in sobriety and in drunkenness. And vice versa.

You are not Devdas

IF –

You are ALWAYS high on energy

Just coz you sport a beard

You drank a lot last night

You are feeling melancholic about your last lost love (Bleh!)

Confused? Have a drink and forget about it .


.gifs coutesy tumbler.


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